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What are Commercial Citrus Juicers?

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Commercial juicers are similar to the ones that are used in households. A juicer is used to extract juice from fruits or vegetables and if the purpose is just to extract juice, a home juicer would suffice. But if you wish to exploit several other features, an industrial juicer might turn out to be a better option for you.


What makes industrial juicers much efficient compared to home-juicers is that they are built to last and are much more powerful comparatively. They can be used for prolonged periods and a commercial juicer has the capability to withstand extensive usage patterns, making it fit for commercial usage. When you wish to extract juice at a much larger scale compared to your home, such as in establishments like health bars, gyms and even if you wish to have a high-end juicer at your home, it is best recommended that you choose a commercial juicer.

On deciding to go ahead with a commercial juicer, the confusion widens as there are a variety of brands and models to choose from before you select the juicer that is best suited for your needs. Before you zero in on a professional juicer, here are a few aspects that you need to consider before settling in for the best-suited juicer.


There is a wide range of commercial juicers available in the market. Everyone would be having budget constraints and selecting the best juicer is a difficult task as there are commercial juicers ranging from $600 to $2500. It must be understood that in order to avail a better quality juicer, one would have to shell out more money as the performance/speed would be higher.

Specialty Juicers

There are a few professional juicers that would be of limited use as they would be capable of extracting juice from only one specific fruit or vegetable such as a citrus juicer, which can be used to extract juice only from citrus fruits. If there is no problem with the budget, one may purchase different juicers for different types of fruits. However, a more practical approach would be purchasing a single juicer that would be capable of handling a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Also, one needs to ensure that the juicer can extract juice from leafy vegetables as even a few professional-grade juicers are not capable of doing the same.


Space Considerations

commercial juicer review

For various commercial establishments, space on the counter would be an issue and they would not be able to use a juicer that would consume a lot of space atop the counter. Either a floor standing model or a worktop model needs to be chosen, depending upon your constraints and requirements, based on the decision of the type that is best suited for your needs.


The major aspect that has to be considered is the quality. There are several factors that determine the quality and how you can decide on the quality of a juicer. Here are a few questions that you need to answer for yourself before determining the quality:

Is it easy to use? Would a more complicated variant reduce the quality?

Not much time should be spent on getting acquainted with the usage method of the juicer. It should be simple and easy to use and also, check on the specifications that are required for maintenance of the juicer.


How much does it take to extract and what is the yield obtained for each fruit?

There needs to exist a balance between the time taken and the yield produced. Centrifugal juicers operate at high speeds and thereby, juice can be produced quickly. However, as a trade-off, the yield obtained would be lower. Cold Press Juicers have to be fed with chopped fruits and vegetables which increases the effort involved but produces a greater yield. Comparatively Greater quantities of fruits or vegetables are needed in centrifugal juicers to produce the same amount of juice that is produced by a cold press juicer.

Is the quality of juice produced great enough?

The quality of juice produced must be great and should not have pulp particles or pieces in it.

How durable is the juicer?

commercial juicer reviews

It is a great idea to know about the durability of a juicer by referring to customer reviews of users who have been using a particular variant since several years. Also, one has to read about the opinions and complaints users make about a juicer.

Make sure to consider the warranty provided too. Some juicers come with a warranty period of 1 year whereas a few high-end ones come with a warranty period of 15 years too!

Is the juicing operation noisy?

There are juicers that make much of a noise and ones that operate silently too. The noise would not matter greatly if it has to be used in commercial establishments where noise is not an issue or if you use it for your personal needs while you are living alone.

However, if the place of operation is a health bar or anything similar where the noisy operation would disturb people around, it would be a great drawback if the juicer is noisy and one would have to opt for models that do not make much noise.

This said, a commercial juicer is a great device to enhance your health and is not just a luxury. It is a great idea to get a juicer if it is within your budget as regular intake of juices would improve your health greatly!

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